To understand my photographic interests outside of family and art, you need only read the brilliant and courageous biologist Rachel Carson's prescient acceptance speech upon winning the John Borroughs award for environmental writing in 1952:

"I myself am convinced that there has never been a greater need than there is today for the reporter and interpreter of the natural world. Mankind has gone very far into an artificial world of his own creation. He has sought to insulate himself, in his cities of steel and concrete, from the realities of earth and water and the growing seed. Intoxicated with a sense of his own power, he seems to be going farther and farther into more experiments for the destruction of himself and his world. For this unhappy trend there is no single remedy - no panacea. But I believe that the more clearly we can focus on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for its destruction"

I have been an amateur photographer since my parents gave me a Kodak Brownie camera at a very young age...recently, I've been taking photos with a tiny point & shoot digital camera and an incredible digital SLR!

I am excited by the new digital age and the power of digital processing (I used to work with my friend Bill in his father's black and white darkroom in high school on weekends, and had my own in the bathroom of my studio apartment many years ago, which involved scrubbing chemicals out of my sink and bathtub in the early hours of the morning.)

I don't sell my photographs professionally, but I like to take credit for my work and let nonprofit environmental organizations use my photos with permission (you can find a few on the web.)

In real life, I turned my hobby into a business in 2003 and started the insurance brokerage firm Pachner & Associates to provide insurance nationwide to the non-motorized outdoor recreation industry (for profit and nonprofit) environmental education centers, environmental research and environmental conservation organizations (see http://www.pachner.info)

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I've taken and they inspire you to get out and explore this amazing the world...